TechCrunch Features Sherpa’s Recent Seed Funding

Written on
April 5, 2018

Mike Butcher, from TechCrunch, covers Sherpa and our recent successful $2.3 million seed funding round.

At Sherpa, we are revolutionising the world of Insurance. Sherpa is building an AI-driven platform which will assess your risk and build a dynamic personalised risk profile. This risk profile will change as the person’s life changes. Members will be advised of their risk profile, subsequent changes to their own risk profile and the cost of covering these risks.

As Sherpa’s CEO, Chris Kaye states we are “doing away with the concept of the insurance ‘product’ and inventing a new, holistic way of underwriting risk. To traditional insurers, you are just the sum of your policies. At Sherpa, we treat each of our members as a unique person whose risks change all the time.”

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Tracy Seidensticker
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