Sherpa Featured In Deutsche Bank Report

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April 23, 2018

In September Deutsche Bank held their Insurtech Conference in Berlin. Sherpa was one of the many Fintech startups who presented at the conference.  In their summary report New kids on the block: Feedback from first Insurtech Day.  Sherpa was mentioned as the only insurtech startup that is “directly attacking the traditional insurance model”.   In talking about InsurTech’s aimed at improving the customer experience Deutsche Bank said “Those start-ups like Sherpa and Lemonade which start afresh as customer-facing insurers often stress the simplicity of their products and of their sales process”.  The report went on to say “At the extreme end, we saw Sherpa, which we would regard as having the most disruptive potential among the insurtechs that we saw”

Read the full report here – DeutscheBank – Insurtech New kids on the block 2016

Tracy Seidensticker
Global Branding & Marketing Professional
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